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The Whitlams and the TSO

There was a campaign by the Australian Labor Party when I was very young that featured the slogan “It’s Time” (along with a weirdly catchy theme song — all the cool kids knew the words). The leader of the Labor Party at the time was Gough Whitlam — hence the connection to this band, The Whitlams.

Red, brash and unashamedly historic, the poster I designed ended up as an homage to all that was good from Australia’s first celebrity election.


Ispahan Podiatry

Two initial instructions from this client were "no feet and no orange". But after a few concepts and some discussion, guess what happened? Love the grey...



Tickit Systems

This job started with a contract to design the actual application's appearance (a massive task), and has since been followed by: branding for both the application and parent company; websites for both entities; Flash and print advertisements; and a full stationery suite.





John Simpson rants!

I was walking through Ikea the other day, amazed at how everyone was so happy to be led through their maze of products. The stores are big people traps -- once you're in, you have no choice but to wind your way past ALL their items.

But nobody was complaining. In fact, people were searching for things to buy, contemplating if they could fit one more kitchen cupboard in their homes, or one more vase on their groaning sideboards. As if it was a challenge to buy something new before they got to end of the maze.

Is it possible to do that in the online space? I'd argue the maze approach would be business suicide: if a user has to dig through multiple pages to find what they want on your website, you'll likely frustrate and alienate them.

However, enticing them with snippets of products, all nicely presented, nicely photographed and well priced, will encourage them to go down that virtual corridor. Your home page is that enticement -- get those enticers up there, and start pulling the consumers inside.

The number of clients that refuse to put "enticer products" on their home page defies belief. Trust me, if you build it, they will come -- but unless you tempt them right up front, they'll be gone again at the next click.



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